Type alias iAddressListCreateObject

iAddressListCreateObject: iAddressList & {
    claims: {
        claimId: string;
        plugins: IntegrationPluginDetails<ClaimIntegrationPluginType>[];
    private?: boolean;
    updateAddresses?: boolean;
    viewableWithLink?: boolean;

Type declaration

  • claims: {
        claimId: string;
        plugins: IntegrationPluginDetails<ClaimIntegrationPluginType>[];

    The claims of the address list. Use resetState on updates for resetting individual plugin state (if applicable).

  • Optional private?: boolean

    Private lists will not show up in any search results.

  • Optional updateAddresses?: boolean

    Flag to update addresses?

  • Optional viewableWithLink?: boolean

    If the list is viewable with a link, anyone with the list ID can view details. Only applicable if private = true as well. If not viewable with a link, only the creator can view the list.