Interface iMustOwnBadges<T>

interface iMustOwnBadges<T> {
    amountRange: iUintRange<T>;
    badgeIds: iUintRange<T>[];
    collectionId: T;
    mustSatisfyForAllAssets: boolean;
    overrideWithCurrentTime: boolean;
    ownershipTimes: iUintRange<T>[];

Type Parameters

Implemented by


amountRange: iUintRange<T>

The min/max acceptable amount of badges that must be owned (can be any values, including 0-0).

badgeIds: iUintRange<T>[]

The range of the badge IDs that must be owned.

collectionId: T

The collection ID of the badges to own.

mustSatisfyForAllAssets: boolean

Whether or not the user must own all the specified badges. If false, we will accept if they meet criteria for at least one badge.

overrideWithCurrentTime: boolean

Whether or not to override the ownershipTimes with the current time.

ownershipTimes: iUintRange<T>[]

The range of the times that the badges must be owned.