Interface iStatusDoc<T>

interface iStatusDoc<T> {
    _docId: string;
    _id?: string;
    block: iLatestBlockStatus<T>;
    gasPrice: number;
    lastXGasAmounts: T[];
    lastXGasLimits: T[];
    nextCollectionId: T;

Type Parameters

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_docId: string

A unique stringified document ID

_id?: string

A unique document ID (Mongo DB ObjectID)

The latest synced block status (i.e. height, txIndex, timestamp)

gasPrice: number

The current gas price based on the average of the lastXGasAmounts

lastXGasAmounts: T[]

The last X gas prices

lastXGasLimits: T[]

The last X gas limits

nextCollectionId: T

The next collection ID to be used