Interface IntegrationPluginDetails<T>

interface IntegrationPluginDetails<T> {
    id: string;
    newState?: ClaimIntegrationPublicStateType<T>;
    privateParams: ClaimIntegrationPrivateParamsType<T>;
    privateState?: ClaimIntegrationPrivateStateType<T>;
    publicParams: ClaimIntegrationPublicParamsType<T>;
    publicState: ClaimIntegrationPublicStateType<T>;
    resetState?: boolean;
    type: T;

Type Parameters

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id: string

The ID of the plugin

If newState is present, we will set the state to the new state. Incompatible with resetState.

Warning: This is an advanced feature and should be used with caution. Misconfiguring this can lead to unexpected behavior of this plugin.

The parameters of the plugin that are not visible to the public

The private state of the plugin

The parameters of the plugin that are visible to the public

The current state of the plugin

resetState?: boolean

If resetState = true, we will reset the state of the plugin back to default. If false, we will keep the current state. Incompatible with newState.

type: T

The type of the plugin