Class GetTokensFromFaucetSuccessResponse

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code: number

Error code. The transaction suceeded iff code is 0.

events: readonly Event[]
gasUsed: bigint
gasWanted: bigint
height: number
msgResponses: {
    typeUrl: string;
    value: Uint8Array;

The message responses of the TxMsgData as Anys. This field is an empty list for chains running Cosmos SDK < 0.46.

Type declaration

  • Readonly typeUrl: string
  • Readonly value: Uint8Array
rawLog?: string

A string-based log document.

This currently seems to merge attributes of multiple events into one event per type ( You might want to use the events field instead.

transactionHash: string
txIndex: number

The position of the transaction within the block. This is a 0-based index.


  • Compares this object's fields to another object's fields for equality. Equality is determined by comparing the JSON representations of the objects.

    If normalizeNumberTypes is true, then all number types will be compared as strings (i.e. "1n" === "1" === 1). Else, they will be compared as their native types (i.e. 1n !== 1 !== "1").

    Type Parameters


    • other: undefined | null | CustomType<U>
    • Optional normalizeNumberTypes: boolean

    Returns boolean