bitbadgesjs-sdk - v0.3.18


The BitBadges SDK is a bundle of TypeScript libraries that provide all the tools and functions needed for you to build your own frontend or interact with the BitBadges API, blockchain, and indexer.


Reference repositories that use the SDK:

See full documentation for complete documentation on each library. Also, the BitBadges official indexer source code and BitBadges official frontend code both use the SDK, so please feel free to reference them.

npm install bitbadgesjs-sdk

This library provides miscellaneous functionality to help you interact with BitBadges, such as types, API routes, managing metadata requests, logic with ID ranges and balances, etc.

const cosmosAddress = convertToCosmosAddress(address);
const ethAddress = cosmosToEth(cosmosAddress);

It also exports functions for broadcasting transactions and interacting with the blockchain. See Broadcasting Txs for how to use.

// Find a node URL from a network endpoint:
const nodeUrl = ...

const postOptions = {
method: 'POST',
headers: { 'Content-Type': 'application/json' },
body: generatePostBodyBroadcast(signedTx),

const broadcastEndpoint = `${nodeUrl}${generateEndpointBroadcast()}`
const broadcastPost = await fetch(

const response = await broadcastPost.json()

For most use cases, you will not need to broadcast transactions. If you do, consider first exploring the helper broadcast tool at