Class BaseNumberTypeClass<T>Abstract

Base class that implements the CustomType interface. It provides default implementations for all methods.

IMPORTANT: You must implement the getNumberFieldNames method yourself for this class to work properly. Also, you will need to implement the convert method yourself if you want to use it in a typed manner. This can be done by simply calling convertClassPropertiesAndMaintainNumberTypes(this, convertFunction) and casting the result to the correct type.

Type Parameters

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  • Compares this object's fields to another object's fields for equality. Equality is determined by comparing the JSON representations of the objects.

    If normalizeNumberTypes is true, then all number types will be compared as strings (i.e. "1n" === "1" === 1). Else, they will be compared as their native types (i.e. 1n !== 1 !== "1").

    Type Parameters


    • other: undefined | null | CustomType<U>
    • Optional normalizeNumberTypes: boolean

    Returns boolean