Class ClaimDetails<T>

Type Parameters

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automatic?: boolean

Whether the claim is expected to be automatically triggered by someone (not the user).

balancesToSet?: PredeterminedBalances<T>

The balances to set for the claim. Only used for claims for collections that have off-chain indexed balances and are assigning balances based on the claim.

claimId: string

Unique claim ID.

manualDistribution?: boolean

If manual distribution is enabled, we do not handle any distribution of claim codes. We leave that up to the claim creator.

metadata?: Metadata<T>

Metadata for the claim.

plugins: IntegrationPluginDetails<string>[]

Claim plugins. These are the criteria that must pass for a user to claim the badge.

seedCode?: string

Seed code for the claim.


  • Compares this object's fields to another object's fields for equality. Equality is determined by comparing the JSON representations of the objects.

    If normalizeNumberTypes is true, then all number types will be compared as strings (i.e. "1n" === "1" === 1). Else, they will be compared as their native types (i.e. 1n !== 1 !== "1").

    Type Parameters


    • other: undefined | null | CustomType<U>
    • Optional normalizeNumberTypes: boolean

    Returns boolean