Interface iClaimDetails<T>

interface iClaimDetails<T> {
    automatic?: boolean;
    balancesToSet?: iPredeterminedBalances<T>;
    claimId: string;
    manualDistribution?: boolean;
    metadata?: iMetadata<T>;
    plugins: IntegrationPluginDetails<string>[];
    seedCode?: string;

Type Parameters

Implemented by


automatic?: boolean

Whether the claim is expected to be automatically triggered by someone (not the user).

balancesToSet?: iPredeterminedBalances<T>

The balances to set for the claim. Only used for claims for collections that have off-chain indexed balances and are assigning balances based on the claim.

claimId: string

Unique claim ID.

manualDistribution?: boolean

If manual distribution is enabled, we do not handle any distribution of claim codes. We leave that up to the claim creator.

metadata?: iMetadata<T>

Metadata for the claim.

plugins: IntegrationPluginDetails<string>[]

Claim plugins. These are the criteria that must pass for a user to claim the badge.

seedCode?: string

Seed code for the claim.