Interface iCollectionDoc<T>

interface iCollectionDoc<T> {
    _docId: string;
    _id?: string;
    aliasAddress: string;
    badgeMetadataTimeline: iBadgeMetadataTimeline<T>[];
    balancesType: "Standard" | "Off-Chain - Indexed" | "Non-Public" | "Off-Chain - Non-Indexed";
    collectionApprovals: iCollectionApproval<T>[];
    collectionId: T;
    collectionMetadataTimeline: iCollectionMetadataTimeline<T>[];
    collectionPermissions: iCollectionPermissions<T>;
    createdBlock: T;
    createdBy: string;
    createdTimestamp: T;
    customDataTimeline: iCustomDataTimeline<T>[];
    defaultBalances: iUserBalanceStore<T>;
    isArchivedTimeline: iIsArchivedTimeline<T>[];
    managerTimeline: iManagerTimeline<T>[];
    offChainBalancesMetadataTimeline: iOffChainBalancesMetadataTimeline<T>[];
    standardsTimeline: iStandardsTimeline<T>[];
    updateHistory: iUpdateHistory<T>[];

Type Parameters

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_docId: string

A unique stringified document ID

_id?: string

A unique document ID (Mongo DB ObjectID)

aliasAddress: string

The alias cosmos address for the collection

badgeMetadataTimeline: iBadgeMetadataTimeline<T>[]

The badge metadata timeline

balancesType: "Standard" | "Off-Chain - Indexed" | "Non-Public" | "Off-Chain - Non-Indexed"

The type of balances (i.e. "Standard", "Off-Chain - Indexed", "Non-Public, "Off-Chain - Non-Indexed")

collectionApprovals: iCollectionApproval<T>[]

The collection approved transfers timeline

collectionId: T

The collection ID

collectionMetadataTimeline: iCollectionMetadataTimeline<T>[]

The collection metadata timeline

collectionPermissions: iCollectionPermissions<T>

The collection permissions

createdBlock: T

The block number when this collection was created

createdBy: string

The cosmos address of the user who created this collection

createdTimestamp: T

The timestamp when this collection was created (milliseconds since epoch)

customDataTimeline: iCustomDataTimeline<T>[]

The custom data timeline

defaultBalances: iUserBalanceStore<T>

The default balances for users who have not interacted with the collection yet. Only used if collection has "Standard" balance type.

isArchivedTimeline: iIsArchivedTimeline<T>[]

The is archived timeline

managerTimeline: iManagerTimeline<T>[]

The manager timeline

offChainBalancesMetadataTimeline: iOffChainBalancesMetadataTimeline<T>[]

The off-chain balances metadata timeline

standardsTimeline: iStandardsTimeline<T>[]

The standards timeline

updateHistory: iUpdateHistory<T>[]

The update history of this collection