Interface GetCollectionByIdBody

interface GetCollectionByIdBody {
    approvalTrackersToFetch?: iAmountTrackerIdDetails<NumberType>[];
    challengeTrackersToFetch?: iChallengeTrackerIdDetails<NumberType>[];
    fetchPrivateParams?: boolean;
    fetchTotalAndMintBalances?: boolean;
    handleAllAndAppendDefaults?: boolean;
    metadataToFetch?: MetadataFetchOptions;
    viewsToFetch?: {
        bookmark: string;
        cosmosAddress?: string;
        oldestFirst?: boolean;
        viewId: string;
        viewType: CollectionViewKey;

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approvalTrackersToFetch?: iAmountTrackerIdDetails<NumberType>[]

If present, the approvals trackers corresponding to the specified approvals tracker IDs will be fetched.

challengeTrackersToFetch?: iChallengeTrackerIdDetails<NumberType>[]

If present, the merkle challenges corresponding to the specified merkle challenge IDs will be fetched.

fetchPrivateParams?: boolean

Fetches private parameters for any claims in addition to public parameters.

fetchTotalAndMintBalances?: boolean

If true, the total and mint balances will be fetched and will be put in owners[].

collection.owners.find(x => x.cosmosAddresss === 'Mint')

handleAllAndAppendDefaults?: boolean

If true, we will append defaults with empty values.

metadataToFetch?: MetadataFetchOptions

If present, we will fetch the metadata corresponding to the specified options.

Consider using pruneMetadataToFetch for filtering out previously fetched metadata.

viewsToFetch?: {
    bookmark: string;
    cosmosAddress?: string;
    oldestFirst?: boolean;
    viewId: string;
    viewType: CollectionViewKey;

If present, the specified views will be fetched.

Type declaration

  • bookmark: string

    A bookmark to pass in for pagination. "" for first request.

  • Optional cosmosAddress?: string

    If specified, we will only fetch this users' activity.

  • Optional oldestFirst?: boolean

    If defined, we will return the oldest items first.

  • viewId: string

    A unique view ID. This is used for pagination. All fetches w/ same ID should be made with same criteria.

  • viewType: CollectionViewKey

    The base view type to fetch.