Interface iMerkleChallengeWithDetails<T>

interface iMerkleChallengeWithDetails<T> {
    challengeInfoDetails: iChallengeInfoDetails<T>;
    challengeTrackerId: string;
    customData: string;
    expectedProofLength: T;
    maxUsesPerLeaf: T;
    root: string;
    uri: string;
    useCreatorAddressAsLeaf: boolean;

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challengeInfoDetails: iChallengeInfoDetails<T>
challengeTrackerId: string

Tracker ID details for the merkle challenge.

customData: string

Arbitrary custom data that can be stored on-chain.

expectedProofLength: T

The expected proof length of the merkle proof.

maxUsesPerLeaf: T

Whether or not to enforce max uses per leaf. Used to prevent replay attacks.

root: string

The root of the merkle tree.

uri: string

The URI where to fetch the merkle challenge metadata from.

useCreatorAddressAsLeaf: boolean

Whether or not to override any leaf value and use the creator address as the leaf. Used for whitelist trees.