Class AccountDoc<T>

Type Parameters

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_docId: string

A unique stringified document ID

_id?: string

A unique document ID (Mongo DB ObjectID)

accountNumber: T

The account number of the account

balance?: CosmosCoin<T>

The balance of the account

btcAddress: string

The Bitcoin address of the account

cosmosAddress: string

The Cosmos address of the account

ethAddress: string

The Eth address of the account

pubKeyType: string

The public key type of the account

publicKey: string

The public key of the account

sequence?: T

The sequence of the account

solAddress: string

The Solana address of the account


  • Compares this object's fields to another object's fields for equality. Equality is determined by comparing the JSON representations of the objects.

    If normalizeNumberTypes is true, then all number types will be compared as strings (i.e. "1n" === "1" === 1). Else, they will be compared as their native types (i.e. 1n !== 1 !== "1").

    Type Parameters


    • other: undefined | null | CustomType<U>
    • Optional normalizeNumberTypes: boolean

    Returns boolean