Interface iOutgoingApprovalCriteria<T>

interface iOutgoingApprovalCriteria<T> {
    approvalAmounts?: iApprovalAmounts<T>;
    coinTransfers?: iCoinTransfer<T>[];
    maxNumTransfers?: iMaxNumTransfers<T>;
    merkleChallenges?: iMerkleChallenge<T>[];
    mustOwnBadges?: iMustOwnBadges<T>[];
    predeterminedBalances?: iPredeterminedBalances<T>;
    requireToDoesNotEqualInitiatedBy?: boolean;
    requireToEqualsInitiatedBy?: boolean;
    zkProofs?: iZkProof[];

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approvalAmounts?: iApprovalAmounts<T>

The maximum approved amounts for this approval.

coinTransfers?: iCoinTransfer<T>[]

The $BADGE transfers to be executed upon every approval.

maxNumTransfers?: iMaxNumTransfers<T>

The max num transfers for this approval.

merkleChallenges?: iMerkleChallenge<T>[]

The list of merkle challenges that need valid proofs to be approved.

mustOwnBadges?: iMustOwnBadges<T>[]

The list of must own badges to be approved.

predeterminedBalances?: iPredeterminedBalances<T>

The predetermined balances for each transfer.

requireToDoesNotEqualInitiatedBy?: boolean

Whether the to address must not equal the initiatedBy address.

requireToEqualsInitiatedBy?: boolean

Whether the to address must equal the initiatedBy address.

zkProofs?: iZkProof[]

The list of ZK proofs that need to be satisfied. One use per proof solution.