Interface AddBalancesToOffChainStoragePayload

interface AddBalancesToOffChainStoragePayload {
    balances?: iOffChainBalancesMap<NumberType>;
    claims?: {
        balancesToSet?: iPredeterminedBalances<NumberType>;
        claimId: string;
        plugins: IntegrationPluginDetails<string>[];
    collectionId: NumberType;
    isNonIndexed?: boolean;
    method: "ipfs" | "centralized";


A map of Cosmos addresses or list IDs -> Balance[]. This will be set first. If undefined, we leave the existing balances map as is. For genesis, this must be set (even if empty {}), so we create the unique URL.

claims?: {
    balancesToSet?: iPredeterminedBalances<NumberType>;
    claimId: string;
    plugins: IntegrationPluginDetails<string>[];

The new set of claims for the collection. This should be ALL claims. We currently do not support fine-grained claim updates.

If undefined, we leave the existing claims as is. If defined, we set the new claims to what is provided.

If a claim has existing state, you can reset the individual plugin's state with plugin.resetState = true. Or, claims with new, unique IDs have blank state for all plugins.

We soft delete any claims that are no longer in the claims array. By soft delete, we mean that we will flag it as deleted, but if you want to reinstate it, you can do so by adding it back with the same claim ID.

Type declaration

collectionId: NumberType

The collection ID.

isNonIndexed?: boolean

Whether this is for a non-indexed collection. Bypasses some validation.

method: "ipfs" | "centralized"

The method for storing balances (ipfs or centralized).