Interface iAccountDoc<T>

interface iAccountDoc<T> {
    _docId: string;
    _id?: string;
    accountNumber: T;
    balance?: iCosmosCoin<T>;
    btcAddress: string;
    cosmosAddress: string;
    ethAddress: string;
    pubKeyType: string;
    publicKey: string;
    sequence?: T;
    solAddress: string;

Type Parameters

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_docId: string

A unique stringified document ID

_id?: string

A unique document ID (Mongo DB ObjectID)

accountNumber: T

The account number of the account

balance?: iCosmosCoin<T>

The balance of the account

btcAddress: string

The Bitcoin address of the account

cosmosAddress: string

The Cosmos address of the account

ethAddress: string

The Eth address of the account

pubKeyType: string

The public key type of the account

publicKey: string

The public key of the account

sequence?: T

The sequence of the account

solAddress: string

The Solana address of the account